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Iner Souster and the Experimental Instruments He Lives With - Some really wonderful sculptures/instruments.
zymo-xyl.gif (113727 bytes) Harry Partch an American original

Composer Robert Macht hales from Baltimore. He is richly steeped in traditional Gamelan music, and skillfully integrates instruments and beats from other world cultures as well as his tasteful synthesizer. I highly recommend his CD's VISHNU and SUITE FOR JAVANESE GAMELAN & SYNTHESIZER available on Amazon. Review of his music.
You can hear his music here: Innova recordings

Bonang Penerus Joglosemar page about gamelan instruments of Java.
Kempyang Gamelan The Venerable Lake of Honey from The University of Michigan.
Ceng-Ceng Gamelan Mitra Kusuma
A Balinese Gamelan, or percussion orchestra, based in Washington DC and comprised of Americans, Indonesians, and others interested in the music and dance of Bali.
Monkey C a group from Santa Barbara, CA playing original music on genuine Javanese Gamelan instruments. You can play Shockwave versions of their bonang, gongs, slentem, and saron.
hurdy-gurdy Detailed directions for making a $20 hurdy gurdy and much more.
clara3a.jpg (8533 bytes) Making instruments out of nasty pvc tubes
cbfront.jpg (46250 bytes) Build your very own Theremin.  Weeeoooooeeeeooom.
grupo2t.gif (7643 bytes) Andean Music.  Build a Quena.
mimf_ani_logo.gif (4311 bytes) Discuss instrument making.  Many links
Wooden Gambira

The Gametone Homemade Musical instruments

Virtual Gametone instruments. Play them yourself.  You too can be a Gametone.

Olaf Nelson, Educational Coordinator, World Music Festival Chicago '99, put together a great collection of Homemade instrument links.
It puts my page here to shame. Check it out.
Windworld Links Lots o' LINKS ... to other Websites having to do with unusual musical instruments and instrument making. Home Schooling Homemade Instruments for kids.
Midwest World Fest Music Links. A comprehensive page of links about "Making and Playing Instruments."

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