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We pulled into the merry city of San Jose, a city whose name is almost always accompanied by the phrase "in the heart of Silicon Valley".  To say the whole computer thing is in the air doesn't do it justice:   the Adobe logo is perched atop the largest building around, and every other building has some tech firm's logo battling for equal time.  And just to give it that hardcore metropolis feel, it's right near the airport, so there are constant low flying jumbo jets screaming overhead.  We parked on the outskirts and made our tired but merry way into town.

The downtown was bizarrely crowded.  There was a sort of town square in the middle, and it was as thronging as New Year's eve in New York, I still have no idea why.  Santa mingled, and the onlookers gawked.

There was some sort of statue at the edge of the square, which Santa promptly mounted.  The crowd of people watching was dense and deep, and waiting to see what would happen.  Santa hooted and cheered, and there was some effort to carol, but it didn't get far.

The view from atop the statue.  Santa likes to watch his adoring audience from on high.

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