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This is an 18 photo panorama taken with my old Pentax K1000 35mm camera. It was hand held as I precariously perched on top of a jagged rock and sited the horizon to keep the pictures level. So it is really impossible to get one instant in time doing a panorama like this. Especially when you are dealing with such a quickly changing subject as the ocean. I did a bunch of PhotoShop "rubber stamp" trickery to blend the edges and hide the transitions between shots. The other problem with doing panoramas like this is the drastic changes in exposure and color balance between shots. PhotoShop again has selection tricks to handle such problems, but it's a bitch and a half. Hope you enjoy. Scroll right to see it all.

Here are some of my other panoramas.

Saline Hot Tub*

Death Valley*
Burning Man 1999*

Burning Man 1998**
El Jardin Del Paradiso

Reclaiming Avenue A

Planting Flowers on Ave. A

Marching Band at the Garden Protest

Media at the Garden Protest

*from digital photos by Wrybread
** from a video by Chris Baxter
The rest are video panoramas shot by me

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