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swim   I Got Lost I  at PS 122  swim
Painless Parker plays Cagliostro
The Dean Street F.O.O.at P.S 122,  May 1999

swimming feed Painless Parker Impresario
frog Painless Parker Sackhic Girl
Girl Mondon Sawing Running
mondon Mondon Painless and Mondon Showtime
Chicken Storyteller Geisha sea2.JPG (2379 bytes)
Conception of the Sea Conception of the Sea Conception of the Sea primetime
primetime flash pet
usurpation mourn sleep

Curtain Call and Credits

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Read the enthusiastically mixed
review in the Village Voice

Read an excellent new interview with the troupe.

See the FOO in I Was a Record Player

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thanks! love your images and work. thanks for the recip! by the way, cave girl is hilarious. -- heather


Corinna, I've been trying to call you. Where are you girl? E-mail me at Cristcom. Robin


I am so stoned!


i just stubbled onto this site looking for pain pictures...but i like the site...


wow tht was the best thing i have ever seen. absolutely brilliant


This is the creepeis thing i have ever seen!!!


ich hasse diese scheiß welt, dieses scheiß leben, mich und alles drum herum, auf nimmer wiedersehen am sa/so werde ich suizid begehen.. viel spaß noch und verrottet doch auf dieser welt voller kranken fanatikern und ignoranten narren...


im also sooo stoned ryt now haha! lmao



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