Malcolm on the Playa

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The mythical Bianca rollercoaster seems unlikely to appear, but one can hardly say there are no rides out here. Just yesterday I got to take the forklift porta-potty ride. Mistaking it for a regular porta-pottie, I stepped behind the door marked "Chucks" and began to relieve myself (if you're not pissing, you're not drinking enough). Mid-pee, if felt the entire porta-potty lift into the air and begin to move. With my left hand, I opened the door and found myself facing two guys on a forklift. This brought the ride to a close, as they set me and the chuckwagon down with a thud. The rest of my urination passed, comparatively, without incident. I opened the door to find that my friends from Fork-Lift Porta-Potty camp heading away in their forklift, before I had a chance to thank them for the ride.

Only in a place that combines heavy equipment with frivolity could such an imaginative ride happen. So remember, when you step into a porta-pottie, you could really be stepping onto the rollercoaster of the playa.