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Wrybread On the Road


Wrybread in Baja
Three weeks in Baja with The Cyberbuss


Santanarchy 98
Anarchist Santas rampage Silicon Valley.  You'd better watch out!



Mount Shasta by CyberBuss
A trip to Mount Shasta with
The CyberBuss



Wrybread at Burning Mann 98
Wrybread live from
Burning Mann '98



Wry Vehicles
Swanky live-in vehicles



Wry Signs
Interesting signs from the
American Outback



Travailing Man
Emails from the road



Asphalt Echo
An underground performance in
San Francisco



The Hitcher

I picked up a hitchhiker who was sitting next to the road wrapped in blankets in the rain.  Two minutes into the ride the hitcher began screamingly reciting Shakespear.  Hear it in RealAudio.



Van Glorious the wrybread van, including much derring do at a winter camp out





Guano on the Road
Agent Guano aka Gespacho of the Wrybread Yeasty Armies is on patrol in Europe and soon South America and sending in daily dispatches.   Click him to read his stuff and send him a note.



Notes From the Road
Day-old wrybread:  a book I wrote about last year's adventures, living with an anarchist kitchen, etc.







Day-old wrybread:  an account of seeing someone stabbed at a circus



A few wrybread gizmos




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